Breton Music Lives in the US


The band is also available on some “social websites” : Facebook Group / Public PagetwitterFlickr.

Other Organisation in the US

• ICDBL / International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language : Lois Kuter’s effort to support Breton Language.
Committee of French Speaking Societies in New York : organisation in New York City which promote French culture.
Stade Breton / Breton of New York since 1955
BZH-NY /Breton Social Club in New York City (since 2007).
Bretons of California

Our friends musicians

Zlatne Uste (New York, NY, USA) : They may not be breton nor do they play breton music, but you can jump in the circle and have a real fest-noz adventure.
Bagad Bro Kemperle (Quimperlé, France) : the band where everything kinda started in 2009.
Kerlenn Pondi (Pontivy, France) : breton music, danse and fun!
Bagad Beuzeg ar C’hab (Beuzec Cap Sizun, France)  and the famous “Bombard tag team ar Diaoul”
Bagad New Zealand : the bagad Down Under!

Breton Music in America

As you can guess the Americas are pretty wide and other people, like us, are doing their very best to have Breton Music on stage, here is the list :
Sonerion • Washington
Poor Man’s Fortune • Texas
IONA • Virginia
Trouz Braz • Rhode Island •  Ray Price & Barry Hall’s band
Bells and Motley • New York (Syracuse )
Moch Pryderi •  Virginia (Fredericksburg)

Int e ya • Montreal, QC
Ad Vielle que Pourra • Laval, QC

Bagad Karukera • Guadeloupe / Carribean

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Tamm Kreiz : Best resources for Fest-Noz around the world
Chronique Trad : A blog animated by Christiane Campagna, big reference in Quebecois Music Trad Scene